FAQs DuckDik Arizona English


Does the DuckDik Arizona translator need Wifi to function? The DuckDik Arizona offers translation with Wifi for 109 languages and also works offline for 16 languages.

What languages can I use offline with the DuckDik Arizona? You can translate offline in German, Russian, French, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, English, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Cantonese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hindi, and Vietnamese. Download these languages with Wifi to use them without a connection.

If my DuckDik Arizona fails in offline mode, what should I do? If you experience errors in offline mode, try another Wifi network and download the languages again. If the problem persists, clear the data, restart and set up your device, and then download the languages to use offline.

My DuckDik Arizona does not work offline, what should I do? Make sure you have downloaded the languages for offline mode. Consult the manual or video tutorial if you need help.

My translator won’t turn on or charge, what can I do? If it's completely discharged, connect it to a mobile charger for several hours. The screen may take a while to display the charging symbol.

I’m having trouble with my translator and can't find a solution. What should I do? If you are having problems, contact us at www.duckdik.com. If we can't resolve it and your device is under warranty, we will replace it.

How do I update the software of the DuckDik Arizona to have the latest languages and features? When we publish a software update, you will automatically receive a notification when you turn on the device. Simply follow the instructions to install the new version.